Yummy and Cool Bread Cones


Photo courtesy of Home Cooking In Montana

Looking for a new twist on sandwiches? Looking for a not-so-messy and fun way to feed the kids? Trying to come up with a new way to present your snacks at get-togethers? Give this a shot….

Bread Cones! Yes, you read that right… bread cones!

A perfect snack should be both delicious and impressive, while still being easy to make. That’s because, even though you might aspire to be the greatest chef, you aren’t too keen on spending a whole lot of time in the kitchen instead of enjoying the snack itself. For this precise situation we are going to suggest you a snack that you might see included in fancy brunches. But the recipe comes right from the pantry and into your kitchen and we’re here to tell you that bread cones are not that difficult to make!

The trick is to use something as simple as paper cones. Wrap strips of dough around each cone and you are set for making a tasty snack you can serve next to tea. Fill them with salad or vegetables. Go through the entire list of ingredients and follow the instructions carefully in order to succeed in this easy cooking project. Enjoy your snack!


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